Word Audio Publishing Intl. (WAPI) is a merger of the two companies HörOpp! and Ordfront Ljud, founded in 2006 and 2009 by Mattias Lundgren and Lars Brahme. Mattias and Lars, two musicians who knew their ways around the studio, figured that if you can record music then you can record audio books. With that knowledge they entered the publishing industry and thereby started to challenge old publishing traditions. The breaking of traditions has continued and the merger resulted in our new name Word Audio Publishing Intl. in 2015. Around the same time new employees were hired and with that new drive and expansion followed. Starting at around 40 titles/year we increased our production to 70 titles 2015, 120 titles 2016, 150 titles 2017. Our target for 2018 is to publish 200 titles. Lars Brahme left WAPI in 2017 and Mattias Lundgren became CEo. With that WAPI took in new partners, amongst them Jessica Rudin, today COO. Today WAPI consists of a tight team working with our (mainly) digital content spreading it on various platforms and to new countries.


word audio publishing is a leading culture tech company for stories in the digital market – both in and outside of sweden. we publish primarily audio books and e-books.

our goal is, in collaboration with our authors, to create interesting, engaging and relevant stories for and about our modern society. We aim wide and narrow, high and low and we do it fully and energetically and are constantly working to reach higher - the universe and beyond.

in 2018 we will be operating in four international markets.